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Женщины для удаления волос на лице Стик Эпилятор Epistick

На складе, доставка в течение 3-х рабочих дней.
US$8.99 (61%OFF)
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Общая длина: App 19см
Весна Длина:. App 10см
Материал: нержавеющая сталь Пружина ходовой части и пластиковые ручки

Пакет включено:.
1 X для лица для удаления волос

Как использовать:
1. Согните палку в перевернутой " U " и поместите его против волос вы хотите удалить
2. Держите ручки, крутить ручку в противоположных направлениях
3. Волосы поглощены между плотно спиральной пружиной, которая захватывает и удаляет их одним быстрым движением

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От Lisa

Verified Buyer
2015-09-13 12:28:12
Great little Epistick
I naturally have jet black hair, and that reflects on my facial hair as well. I decided to get the epistick because it seemed like an easy and natural way in removing my mustache (if you could call it that) and it did it's job! It did it better than I would have ever expected. And Obviously it did a hurt a little (you're plucking hair from the root so it's going to hurt) but the results were awesome! I'm no longer scared of having a stache that others will notice and it was all for a great price! I saw this stick for sale on other sites for $20 and I was baffled. Seriously, great product for a great price and free shipping never hurt anyone! ;)

От IvaJoonie

Verified Buyer
2016-05-17 10:35:14
Really content :)
It's a great product,it is a great quality and it really does it's job. And the best thing is that it's really cheap :)

От IvaJoonie

Verified Buyer
2015-03-21 02:31:22
Great product ^.^
I used it today,it's great. Great quality,easy to use and it does it's job:)

От itsandy

Verified Buyer
2016-04-17 22:46:26
You need to figure out the right way to use it at first but after that its good, removes hair easily and with a little pain

От Melody

Verified Buyer
2015-06-27 09:42:17
No More Embarrasment
I have always felt a little uncomfortable for anyone to sit to close because I used to think they were staring at hairs on my face... I used this and now I feel soooo much better about myself. No more feeling like someone staring at unwanted hair. Great price too!


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