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  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
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Strickjacke mit Quaste

4.8 (104)
US$ 31.49 US$69.97 -55%
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
  • Strickjacke mit Quaste
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Erwarteter Versand in 7-12 Werktagen.


Ärmellänge: Langarm
Farbe: Weinrot, Marineblau
Größe: L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL
Stil: Vintage, elegant
Muster: bedruckt
Material: Polyester, Baumwolle
Jahreszeit: Frühling, Herbst

Im Paket enthalten: 1*Jacke




Kundenbewertungen ( 104 )

Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

4.8 / 5.0

Sehr klein 7%
Ein bisschen klein 17%
Passt wie Ihre Erwartung 75%
Ein bisschen groß 1%
Sehr groß 0%
Alle (104)
Kundenbuchung Fotos (4)

Durch ***8946258

Verified Buyer

2019-06-30 00:41:11

Passt wie Ihre Erwartung
Very nice fit - drapes loosely and elegantly. Great color. I get compliments every time I wear this wrap.


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Durch ***dy Rol

Verified Buyer

Gewicht:121kg  / 267Lbs

Höhe:166cm  / 65im


2019-06-19 23:53:00

Größe:7XL,Farbe:Wine Red
Passt wie Ihre Erwartung
Upper arms are a little snug, but it's stretchy fabric. It does shed fringe at times. It's not as long as I expected from the pictures but still OK. Comes to my hip. Nice with pants or skirt.


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Durch ***37217255

Verified Buyer

2019-06-13 23:27:54

Größe:7XL,Farbe:Wine Red
Ein bisschen klein
Stretch material so it is fine. The colours are a bit duller than the image on screen. Back could be a bit longer but I like the flow of it.


helpful to you? 0

Durch ***16353675

Verified Buyer

2019-06-03 23:50:04

Größe:2XL,Farbe:Wine Red
Passt wie Ihre Erwartung
Looks amazing! I'm always looking for a chance to wear this.
helpful to you? 0

Durch ***6207727

Verified Buyer


2019-05-07 11:27:01

Sehr klein
Pretty but too small.

NC-Staff: Dear sir/madam, thank you for your review and sorry for the inconvenience caused. To choose a correct size, we kindly suggest that you can measure your own size and then read the size guide on our product page instead of choosing your usual size since some tag size may be different from our size chart’s size number. On the product page, near the size choosing place you can find a "size guide". Click inside the size guide, you can see the detailed size chart and the guidance for measurement. If the size of the product you have received does not follow the size guidance on the product page or the item has any size problem, please send us some photos of the item as well as SKU sticker and the shipping label via these links: For personal computer: https://www.newchic.com/Contact-Us-hc10.html For mobile: https://pwa.newchic.com/customer-service We will do the best to help you.

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Für eventuelle Vorverkaufsfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an den Kundenservice und erhalten Sie innerhalb von 24 Stunden eine Antwort.

Stelle eine Frage
***7974676 Jan-22/2019 01:27:59
I selected the color and size of the vintage cardigan but you keep on asking select product options when I add to the bag. what do you mean by select product options.
Dear sir/madam, “the attributes”/“the style” means the color, style, quantity and size of the product. Please kindly notice that the sold out sizes or color options that blank out could not be chosen. And it may also cause by network mistakes since we are located in China. Could you please change another network or browser and try more times? More guidance for placing an order, please refer to these links: For computer: https://www.newchic.com/new-user-guide-hc154.html For mobile: https://m.newchic.com/help_center/order-faq167.html?cat_id=167 If you still could not place order by following the guidance, please screenshot the problem and contact us: https://www.newchic.com/Contact-Us-hc10.html Thanks.
***5754626 Jan-11/2019 08:13:35
ممكن الفلوس عند الاستلام انا جبت مرتين من عندكم بس ممكن المره دي عند الاستلام
سيدي العزيز / سيدتي ، نأسف لأننا لسنا متأكدين تمامًا من سؤالك. يرجى توضيح سؤالك في مزيد من التفاصيل. الدفع نقدًا متوفر فقط للمملكة العربية السعودية ، الإمارات العربية المتحدة ، الكويت ، قطر ، عُمان ، البحرين ، سنغافورة ، إندونيسيا ، تايلاند ، الفلبين وماليزيا وفقط للمنتجات التي تحمل علامة COD. أيضا ، فإن تكاليف الحد من التكلفة الجمركية على أوامر. يرجى زيارة: للكمبيوتر: https://www.newchic.com/cash-on-delivery-(cod)-faq-hc108.html للجوال: https://m.newchic.com/help_center يمكنك الحصول على مزيد من المعلومات حول شروط COD. وسوف تجد ما إذا كان يمكن الدفع نقدًا عند التسليم عند إجراء عملية الدفع. لوضع أمر COD ، يرجى اختيار طريقة الدفع كـ COD أثناء عملية الطلب. في نفس الوقت ، يرجى ملاحظة أنه لا يمكن تفعيل خيار طريقة الدفع COD إلا بعد اختيار طريقة COD COD. لمزيد من الإرشادات لتقديم طلب ، يرجى الرجوع إلى دليل المستخدم الجديد أدناه للحصول على مزيد من الإرشادات. للكمبيوتر: https://www.newchic.com/new-user-guide-hc154.html للجوال: https://m.newchic.com/help_center أي أسئلة ، يرجى ترك رسالة هنا أو الاتصال بخدمة العملاء لدينا عن طريق هذا الرابط: https://www.newchic.com/Contact-Us-hc10.html
***70498450 Dec-14/2018 20:35:27
My order has not come I ordered though PayPal? No information about my order has not been email
Dear sir/madam, you could get the order status and delivery information in your Newchic account there if you placed the order on Newchic: My Account -- View Orders--My Orders--Order Details/tracking orders https://www.newchic.com/?com=account&t=orderlist&orderStatus If the status of your order is "shipped", how much time you need to receive your order mainly depends on the shipping time. More information about the shipping time of every shipping method, please refer to the link: https://www.newchic.com/shipping-methods-hc160.html For further help for tracking your order, please feel free to contact us: For personal computer: https://www.newchic.com/Contact-Us-hc10.html For mobile: https://pwa.newchic.com/customer-service For instant service, please contact us via live chat: We are 24 hours available. We will do our best to help you.
***43405335 Nov-10/2018 20:50:46
I have 2 of this in my bag and want to remove them. There will not delete and I can not buy any thing while they are there
Dear sir/madam, please follow the below steps to delete the unwanted items in your shopping cart: 1.click the "bag icon"/"continue check out" button to go to check out page. 2.select the item you do not want. 3.If you are shopping on computer, click the button of "delete selected items "right beside the "select all" option/click the trash can which is below the unwanted item. If you are shopping on mobile, first click the pen icon, and then click the trash which is shown under the item. After you finish all the steps, your cart will be without your unwanted item. Any questions, please leave a message here or contact our customer service by these links: For personal computer: https://www.newchic.com/Contact-Us-hc10.html For mobile: https://pwa.newchic.com/customer-service
***53879491 Oct-24/2018 10:22:22
Können sie mir sagen,wie das in Deutschland mit dem Zoll geht.Es muss ja für diesen Betrag Zoll bezahlt werden
Sehr geehrter Herr / Frau, nach Steuern und Zollgebühr, sind Sie verantwortlich für alle Einfuhrsteuern und Zollgebühren, die erhoben werden, wenn der Gegenstand durch den Zoll geht. Die Einfuhrsteuern und -abgaben werden jedoch von der Zollabteilung in Ihrem Land, nicht jedoch von Newchic geregelt, sodass Newchic Ihnen keine Ratschläge oder Informationen zu Steuersätzen und Zollgebühren in Ihrem Land geben kann. In diesem Fall empfehlen wir Ihnen, sich vor der Bestellung von uns über die örtlichen Vorschriften zu informieren. Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen zu unserer Steuerpolitik: https: //www.newchic.com/tax-policy-hc173.html Haben Sie Fragen, hinterlassen Sie hier eine Nachricht oder kontaktieren Sie unseren Kundenservice über diese Links: Für Personal Computer: https://www.newchic.com/Contact-Us-hc10.html Für Handys: https://pwa.newchic.com/customer-service

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