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40"x84" Christmas Snowman White Lace Window Curtain With LED String

Package Included:
1 x 40"x84" Christmas White Lace Window Curtain
1 x LED Lights String
Material: White Lace Fabric
Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries(Not Included)
Dimensions: Approx. 40"x84"(WxL)
Patterns: Snowman
- Made of durable lace fabric, tear resistant of excellent quality
- Insert lights into the knitted holes from the back to light your curtain
- Christmas elements, can be used as decorations for Christmas party
- White translucent fabric, snowman patterns to create a Christmas atmosphere
- 40"x84" suits most window size, hung to create festive mood
- Suitable for home decoration or as a Christmas gift
Assembly Instructions:
-Determine the back of the panel ( the care and fiber content label is sewn on the back of the panel)
-Refer to the diagram. the #1 represents the bulb at the end of the string. The #17 represents the bulb nearest the battery
-Working from the back of the panel, begin with the end light and start inserting the light through the knitted hole, the hole looks like a button hole in the fabric
-Follow the number sequence in the diagram, inserting all bulbs into the proper holes
-Insert your curtain rod or cafe rod (uses standard size 28"-48") into the rod holes at the top the tier
-Once you hang your panel, you may find it necessary to slightly untwist some of the wire on the light set to make the ppanel hang flat and smooth
- Battery not included, need to insert 2 AA batteries, included is a pouch for hanging the switch control/ battery box
-At last, please put the battery box to curtain of back pocket
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