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Why should you buy wholesale?

Small MOQ and safe payment methods


Use a wholesale discount and one-to-one customer service


The name or logo of our company will not be shown on the package or elsewhere

How to become our certified wholesale customer?
It is very easy, just register and Click here to become a certified wholesale customer or contact us to receive assistance
e-mail address:
Our wholesale rules

1.After you have become a wholesale customer, you can receive a discount based on your single order amount if it is worth more than USD$300. For more details please view the chart here below

Conditions Single order amount Wholesale discount
SKU ≥ 3 and amount ordered ≥ $300 300USD 8%
500USD 10%
1500USD 12%
3000+USD 15%

2.Besides the discount you receive based on the single order amount, you will also enjoy more discount at the same time based on your accumulated order amount. We will keep your records for 24 months. Please view the discount details as listed here below

Membership level Accumulated amount (Purchased amount of the past 24 months) Wholesale discount
V1 300USD-999USD 6%
V2 1,000USD-4,999USD 10%
V3 5,000USD-19,999USD 12%
V4 20,000+USD 15%

 Please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are still confused about these discount rules

 For example:
 -Peter is our V1 customer, if he placed an order in 28USD, he can get 6% discount, but if he pleased an order in 300USD, he can get 8% + 6% = 14% discount.
 -Linda is our V4 customer, if she placed and order in 28USD, she can get 15% discount, but if she pleased and order in 300USD, she can get 15% + 8% = 23% discount.

3.Wholesale discounts do not apply to promotional or clearance items. Coupons and credits cannot be used for wholesale orders

4.We reserve the right to explain the terms of the rules.

Very important: The order amount will be calculated into the cumulative amount only when you confirm the delivery. In order to enjoy the discount on your next order, please log in and confirm delivery after receiving your parcel

Membership levels will be changed at the end of the years

Accumulated amount expire at the end of the year after you earned them. For more details, please view the diagram here below

  • 2016

    Accumulated amount

    Expires on 2017

  • 2017

    Accumulated amount

    Expires on 2018

  • 2018

    Accumulated amount

    Expires on 2019

  • 2019

    Accumulated amount

    Expires on 2020

All 2016 Accumulated amount expires on 2017

All 2017 Accumulated amount expires on 2018

All 2018 Accumulated amount expires on 2019

 For example:
    Peter have placed his first order at 2016-1-1, at the same time we start to record his order amount, and all of his orders which placed during this year will be recorded. And in the date of 2017-12-13, all of his 2016 records will be expired. But the records from 2017-1-1 will still be kept and it will be expired at 2018-12-31.