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Daily Task to get chance


Lucky Draw Rules

How do I play?

There are multiple ways to play a round of the game:

1.You get one free round every day.

2.When an order is delivered to you, go to the order detail page and click "Confirm Delivery". You can then play two rounds of the game. The round will expire 30 days after you click "Confirm Delivery."

3.Review a product you ordered to earn one round.

4.Convert 10 NC points into one round. You can only convert up to 50 points/five rounds per day.


1.You can view your available tasks and the number of rounds you can play on the Daily Task to get chance page.

2.If you start a round and leave before it ends, the round will automatically be canceled and you will get your chance back.

3.The game is open to everyone except our Dropship and Wholesale customers.

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